Using a component

Using a lowcodera Components in Power Apps

Having installed lowcodera components into your environment, you are now ready to make use of them in your Power Apps.

Adding the UI Assets Component

The lowcodera UI assets component is a master component and is required to be present in your app to make all other lowcodera components work.

  • From Power Apps studio, click on Insert(+ Icon) from left navigation

  • Select Get more components.

  • Click on the Code tab from the Import Components panel on the right. This will show all the Lowcodera component that are available to add to your app. You can Import them one by one based on what you need.

  • Select Lowcodera UI Assets Component and click on Import.

If you are not able to see Code section, then make sure you have activated Power Apps Component framework feature.

Once we Import the component, it will appear in the following section.

On the first screen of your app, add the Lowcodera UI Assets Component into your editing Canvas

Adding an App token

lowcodera App Tokens are unique keys which which allow a Power App to render lowcodera components. Your lowcodera subscription comes with an allowance of app tokens. While building apps you can use a dev token, but this must be replaced by a unique app token when the Power app is run by users.

  • From the lowcodera Admin Portal menu, select App Tokens

  • Click Dev Token

  • Paste the copied value into the App Token Property of the UI Assets component in your app

Add your first Component

You can now use any other lowcodera component in your app. In this example, we will add a lowcodera button component on the screen.

  • Click on Insert(+ Icon) from left navigation

  • Select Get more components.

  • As before, from the panel on the right select Code Components section

  • Find and add the Lowcodera Button Component.

  • Drag the lowcodera button component onto your app screen

  • Begin configuring the component properties as per your requirements,

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